tomaino-custom-contractingHOME ADDITIONS
 should look as close in appearance as possible to the house that they are attached to. At Tomaino Contracting we painstakingly work to tie our new work into existing finishes in order to create a finished product which does not look like an “add on”. We pay particular attention to the design of the addition and do our utmost to seamlessly meld it to the existing structure. We can work with an architect’s plan or, in some instances, the owner’s plan or a plan which we develop for the owner. We procure all permits and use only sub contractors who have proven themselves with quality work and reliable work practice. In most cases, framing and finish carpentry work is done by employees of the Tomaino Contracting Company, Inc.

BATHROOMS – The most used room in a house deserves particular attention with regard to design and human compatibility. We have remodeled many bathrooms over the years with exceptional results. From the small powder room to the opulent bathroom we are able to generate surprising results for our clients. At Tomaino Contracting we will assist you in the design of your new or remodeled bathroom and will pay particular attention to the cost at the same time creating a finished product which answers your needs. With the myriad of tile, marble, lighting, fixtures and fittings which are available, bathroom and powder room design can become very confusing. We will work with you and assist in outfitting your desired bath room and will even aid in layout changes. Our specialized contractors are second to none in top quality work.

PORCHES & DECKS – Your outdoor social and relaxing areas deserve a great look and feel. At Tomaino Contracting we create beautiful decks and porches with embellishments that can make your outdoor space very special. Whether working on a newer or older home our finished product speaks of the day the home was built. And with the products which are available today maintenance and longevity is never and issue when synthetics are used. Of course, we still use traditional materials to build porches and decks if desired by the client. And, if layout and planning is a hang up, as usual, we are more than happy to lend a hand in design.

REMODELING – If redesigning and existing space is your desire, Tomaino Contracting is here to help. Moving walls, changing windows, installing new doors and installing beams, remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, powder rooms and basements as well as assisting in the planning of all of the above is not a problem. We can also advise you as to what can or can not be done in your house depending on restrictions which may be governed by structural conditions or construction codes. In most cases, when documents are required for the procurement of permits we are available to prepare drawings and applications to assist on your behalf.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – At Tomaino Contracting our management of ongoing projects is second to none. We are experts at keeping our clients up to date as to the status of their project with projections on project phases and costs. There is always work in progress on a daily basis until the project is finished. All of the carpentry is done by employees of the Tomaino Contracting Co.. We are not “Jack of all trades” contractors- specialty work such as plumbing, electrical and heating work are done only by specialists in their particular trade. Over the years, clients with expectations of problems with their general contractor have been enlightened by the ease with which their project was completed and the quality of work which was generated. A firm handshake upon completion of a project is a routine for client and contractor alike.